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We help leading Danish companies innovate with the power of design. We create prototypes and test them with users, to learn faster. We test desirability and usability with mockups and clickable prototypes. And we qualify the business potential of your ideas using



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Two people having an idea session writing ideas on a windows with a whiteboard marker, next to some post-it notes.

[1] Interactive prototypes
[2] UI & design systems
[3] Visual identities
[4] Customer insights
[5] Concept designs
[6] Market validation
[7] Innovation consulting

Methods and tools

[1] Sketching
[2] High fidelity prototyping
[3] Wireframing
[4] User interviews
[5] Usability testing
[6] Various pretotyping methods
[7] Brand workshop
[8] Design sprints
[9] User journey mapping

What is this about

We help you transition from digital vision to successful implementation by combining business strategy with user insights and behavioral learnings, all with one goal in mind: to create digital experiences that people love. We design new products and craft great user experiences with fast feedback from users and we test the business potential of your idea using various pretotyping methods.

At Kvalifik we believe in the power of doing. Because once you have something tangible in front of you, you have something to talk about. You are on the same page. Or rather, you are on the same prototype. You have something to test with your users and get feedback from.

'Pretotyping' is not a spelling mistake, but short for pretendotyping - pretending that a solution exist and then testing it with real users.

Some of the projects we did
Woman with red hair smiling and looking at a white marshmallowWoman with red hair smiling and looking at a white marshmallow

Marshmallow or pension savings?

Innovation consulting
Market validation
Students socialising outdoors.Students socialising outdoors.
CBS Students - Student Life app

A new social network for university students

Cross platform app
Concept design
UI & design system

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We can help you get from concept to project in no time.

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