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Young man smiling wearing glasses and a stripe shirt.
Søren Højland Boesen
Managing Partner
Two Kvalifik people working with MidJourney generative AI to create colourful visuals for digital products.
  • AI chatbots
  • Fine tuned language models
  • AI image and video generation
  • AI automation
  • Training sessions
Methods and tools
  • Custom applications built on OpenAI's GPT4, Metas Llama and other Large Language Models (LLM's)
  • Local deployment of LLM's
  • Langchain

Navigating the AI Revolution

We are in the middle of a revolution that changes how we interact with technology, find information, produce content, develop software, do work and express ourselves. The AI revolution changes everything. Kvalifik can help you ride the crest of the AI wave to boost productivity and open new horizons for your business.

GO BEYOND CHATGPT with tailored generative ai

On November 30th 2022 the world changed. On that date OpenAI launched ChatGPT, a chatbot more intelligent and capable than anything seen before. Since then ChatGPT have been upgraded with the even more powerful GPT4 Large Language Model (LLM) and Meta, Google and others have launched their own powerful models.

No matter how impressive ChatGPT is, it only becomes truly powerful when it integrates with your own systems and have access to your data.

At Kvalifik we can help you build custom applications on top of ChatGPT and it's peers. We fine-tune the models with your own data and integrate it in your existing workflows and systems. Whether it's elevating customer service, automating content production, getting new insights or exploring new use cases, we've got you covered.


In the modern digital landscape, security and privacy aren't just optional; they're essential. We can assist you in implementing AI-solutions that are GDPR compliant and protect your business critical information. This is in part by controlling which model you base your solution on and controlling where data is stored and part having the right procedures and guidelines for how to use AI and when to have a human in the loop. We can assist with both.


AI offers a world of opportunities, but it can feel overwhelming with all the different  tools and applications. We can help you get start in multiple ways.

  1. Deliver better customer service with an AI Chatbot
    In the old days before ChatGPT chatbots used to be a frustrating experience. But the world has changed. Now you easily create your own chatbot that can deliver intelligent responses in natural language to your customers. We can help you create a chatbot capable of handling a multitude of queries, from product inquiries to support requests ensuring your customers feel heard and assisted 24/7, and you can spend your valuable time on delivering more value to your customers.
  2. Fine-Tuned Large Language Models
    When you fine-tune a large language model with your own data and adjust it to your needs, you get the power of industry leading AI technology combined with contextual relevance and industry specific accuracy that you need.
  3. Create creative images and video with AI
    Generative AI is much more than text. With tools like Midjourney, StableDifussion and Dall-E 3 you can create incredible images from text prompts. You can even turn the images into videoclips with tools like D-ID and Heygen. This way you can produce assets that are unique and free of copyright much faster and cheaper. The tools can be used to speed up your creative process as well as producing production ready assets for your marketing campaigns. We use these tools in our creative process and we can advice you on how you can do it too.
  4. Automate repetitive tasks with AI
    Break free from the monotony of repetitive tasks through strategic AI integration. We assist you in harnessing existing AI technologies, ranging from text and image recognition to advanced generative systems, all tailored to your specific operational needs. Our approach enhances process accuracy, scalability, and efficiency across various business facets, allowing your team to concentrate on core strategic initiatives. With our guidance, you'll employ AI not as a replacement, but as a smart assistant for your business operations.
  5. Learn how you can use AI in your organization
    Elevate your team's expertise with Kvalifik’s AI training sessions and workshops. Our experienced trainers guide you through the complex world of artificial intelligence, ensuring your team is equipped with the knowledge to navigate and leverage AI technologies effectively. Engage in hands-on sessions, designed for varied expertise levels, and embark on a learning journey that brings tangible value to your business operations and strategy.


Today's AI capabilities might seem like sci-fi, but with us, they become your everyday business tools, transforming your business.

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Young man smiling wearing glasses and a stripe shirt.

Søren Højland Boesen

Managing Partner