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Kvalifik is a creative innovation agency based in Copenhagen. Since 2015, we have helped startup companies, NGO’s and corporates realise their digital ambitions in the form of websites, web platforms and apps. We do this with agile development methods, modern web technologies in the toolbox and a constant focus on the value that what we build has for the users in the end.

About Kvalifik

We are a digital agency THAT give CHANGEMAKERS   DIGITAL SUPERPOWERS through tools and experiences that feel like magic

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Our people

Søren Højland Boesen

Managing Partner

Rebecca Busk

Commercial Director & Partner

Kristian Kaa

Tech Director

Patrick Aurbo

Technical Project Manager

Riziki Nielsen

Senior Digital Designer

Elizabeth Tello D'Andrea

Digital Designer

Francesca Tiziani

Digital Designer

Karolina Kwiatkowska

Full-Stack Developer (on maternity leave)

Michael Fuglø

Full-Stack Developer

Mads Kjærgaard Christensen

Full-Stack Developer

Hangyuan Liu

Full-Stack Developer

Bence Vadász

Full-Stack Developer

Anja Johansen

Digital Designer Intern

Anton Pinstrup Petersen

Sales and marketing assistant

August Kristian Gjede


Simon Kristensen

Associated Senior Full-Stack Developer

Marius Bendsen

Associated Senior Full-Stack Developer

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Work with us

Our manifesto_


Prototypes beat PowerPoints

We always start by sketching out the solution and we never just deliver knowledge in the form of slides to our clients.


User data beats Personal opinions

We always base our design decisions on real user data and feedback either through pretotyping, prototyping or user testing.


Curiosity beats certifications

When hiring we focus on skills and attitude. We look for curiosity and growth mindset. We have a monthly Kvalihack Day, dedicated to learning, hacking and knowledge sharing.


Close collaboration beats contract negotiations

We are not picky about contracts but we prefer ongoing collaboration built on trust, with retainers allowing us to continuously improving our client’s business.


Whole humans beat professional facades

With regular parties, VR equipment, board games and a Nintendo Switch we aim at creating a fun and inspiring environment.


Responding to change beats following a plan

We follow the agile principles, typically developing software in two-week sprints so we can change course when needed.


Focus beats more features

We challenge our clients to focus on core functionality (and do that really well).


Smarter beats harder

We have standard operating procedures for all processes in our Notion knowledge base and constantly evaluate how we can automate and optimise how we work.


Positive impact beats Profits

This means that we sometimes engage with small business and NGO’s primary because we support their mission and that we refuse to do work that have a negative impact on the world.


Distribution beats Centralisation

We have a small dedicated core team with a large network of talented people, to bring in the right person for the right job.

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