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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Jesper Fårekylling



Malene Jesper Birgitte was happily at her job at Makio when one crystal clear morning, the Easter bunny hopped in with a chipper good morning. Malene was shocked but quickly recovered and offered the Easter bunny and his sidekick Jesper Fårekylling coffee and food.

The Easter bunny explained that Jesper Fårekylling was on a mission to bring smiles and laughter to Makio, and all Malene had to do was provide her coworkers with eggs of joy and chocolatey goodness. She quickly collected some chocolate eggs and began handing them out to all of her co-workers. The whole office was filled with cheer as everyone interacted with the Easter bunny and Jesper Fårekylling.

By the end of the day, Malene and the Easter bunny were great friends, and she offered him and Jesper Fårekylling to stay for dinner. They accepted and shared amazing stories of past Easters and Easter eggs hunts. Malene thanked the Easter bunny and Jesper Fårekylling for their visit and bid them farewell, knowing that this Easter at Makio was one to remember.
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