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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Helle Thorning Schmidt



Once upon a time, Helena, Riziki and Rasmus from the company CPHUX decided to go on an Easter egg hunt. They jumped with excitement as they set off on their hunt with the Easter Bunny and his friend and fellow bunny, Helle Thorning Schmidt.

After a few hours of searching however they hadn't found any eggs, until they noticed a suspicious looking rabbit hole. The Easter Bunny suggested they could enter the hole and look for eggs down there. Helm, Riziki and Rasmus agreed, and so they all climbed down the rabbit hole, expecting some amazing eggs on the other side.

But, when they got inside the hole, they all were shocked. Inside the hole were not eggs but rather a large banquet were the Easter Bunny had set up a huge table with delicious easter treats. The Easter Bunny welcomed the three friends to the feast and pointed out to them, that this was a much better reward than finding some eggs!

Helle Thorning Schmidt, also joined in the feast and congratulated all three on their exceptional Easter egg search. Then, with a hop and a skip,our friends Helena, Riziki and Rasmus left the banquet with their stomachs full and smiles on their faces. This would definitely be an Easter they wouldn't forget!
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