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The easter story of when the easter bunny and




Kirstine and Patrick were two employees at Acme, and they had both been working there for years. They were very close work friends, but in the past few days they had been feeling a bit lonely due to the pandemic.

One day, as they were walking around the office, Kirstine noticed two cute bunnies looking in through the window. She pointed out the bunnies to Patrick and they both wondered who could have possibly bought them. Kirstine decided to open the window and when she did, the two bunnies hopped in, one white and one grey.

Kirstine immediately knew who the bunnies were. She told Patrick that these were Easter bunnies, and that the white one was the Easter bunny, and the grey one was its friend Benny. It was said that anyone blessed by the Easter bunnies would have luck in their lives.

So, to celebrate Easter, Patrick and Kirstine went straight to the office kitchen and made some snacks to share with the bunnies. All four of them shared the snacks, talked, and laughed. Leaving the office that day, Kirstine and Patrick had a feeling that the upcoming Easter would be full of joy and hope.
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