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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Darth Vader



Walter, Jessie and Bella, three colleagues from the Disney company, had heard rumors of a strange creature visiting their town during the Easter season. When they went to investigate, they discovered it was the Easter Bunny and his none-too-invisible imaginary friend Darth Vader.

Walter, Jessie and Bella were a bit taken back at first, but they were in for a real surprise. The Easter Bunny explained that Darth Vader was actually a harmless creature - he just loved to create mischief and that's why he wears all the intimidating armor. The Easter Bunny asked if the trio would like to join him on an Easter egg hunt. They couldn't resist and the hunt began.

Walter, Jessie and Bella ran all around, collecting Easter eggs and trading stories with the Easter Bunny and his companion. Soon enough, their baskets were full of Easter treats and everyone settled down for a picnic. As the Easter Bunny said goodbye, he told the three to keep an eye out for Darth Vader as he had some more mischief to make.

Walter, Jessie and Bella had experienced a truly special Easter, thanks to the Easter Bunny and his mysterious imaginary friend! They soon found out that Vader was not so scary after all and was a great source of fun and laughter.
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