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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Dillon Francis



Joe, Camille, and Pablo worked at the company BMW. They were all extremely hard working but found themselves bored after a typical week of selling automobiles. Little did they know they were about to have an interesting Easter.

One day, Joe received a mysterious package. Inside was a note that said "Meet me in the factory at midnight and bring your friends". A little worried but feeling brave, they all decided to follow the note's instructions.

When they arrived, they were met by the friendly face of the Easter Bunny and his cousin Dillon Francis. The two were looking to surprise the factory workers in a very unique way. The Easter Bunny had something special planned for the employees of BMW: a scavenger hunt in the factory!

The three were quickly intrigued and decided to participate in the hunt. In the end, they found that the Easter Bunny and Dillon Francis had hidden dozens of Easter eggs filled with chocolate and other goodies around the factory for them to find. It turned out to be a wonderful Easter and one that Joe, Camille, and Pablo would never forget.
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