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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Joe Biden



Martha, Ely, Francesca, Søren, and Riziki from the Kvalifik company were having a meeting one Sunday morning when suddenly there was a crash in the lobby. To their surprise, in walked the Easter Bunny and Joe Biden!

The Easter Bunny introduced itself as the keeper of all Easter joy, eager to spread cheer and festivities. Joe Biden chuckled behind it, debuting as the egg-hiding enforcer. He had a basket full of eggs in tow, and was ready to challenge everyone.

The group downed their coffees in alarm and began to laugh at the silly situation. Francesca was the first to accept the Easter Bunny's challenge: she had to hide an egg, and the Easter Bunny and Joe Biden had to find it.

The group all watched with bated breath as the Easter Bunny and Joe Biden searched high and low, eventually finding the egg with a triumphant shout. To celebrate, the Easter Bunny asked them to come with it and Joe Biden for a special Easter feast. They all happily agreed and celebrated the holiday at Kvalifik together!
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