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The easter story of when the easter bunny and



Вики и Дани

It was Easter night and Митра and the rest of the staff at Вики и Дани were all excited for the holiday. Despite the fact that the workload was still just as heavy as usual, everyone was in a cheerful mood, looking forward to a much-needed break.

Just then, Митра heard a strange noise from outside the office window. He peeked out and found the Easter Bunny, along with its friend Зайо, hopping around in the parking lot. They both seemed to be in a hurry!

Митра ran outside to get a closer look. The Easter Bunny and Зайо were frantically gathering as many brightly-colored Easter eggs as they could and stuffing them into their bags. It was a mission of utmost importance!

When Митра asked what they were doing, the Easter Bunny explained that they were trying to collect all the eggs they had hidden around the city to deliver on Easter morning. With the help of his friend Зайо, they were almost done with their task and eager to finish.

After thanking Митра for his hospitality, the Easter Bunny and Зайо hopped off into the night, leaving Митра with a happy feeling and promise of Easter joy.
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