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The easter story of when the easter bunny and




It was a bright and sunny Easter Sunday morning at the Cabinn, and the air was filled with cheerful anticipation. Everyone was looking forward to a nice holiday celebration with some egg-tastic festivities—that is, everyone except Eli, Cami and Ely. As the managers of the Cabinn, they had spent the last few weeks working around the clock to make sure everything was in order for the big day.

Just as they settled in to enjoy some much-needed rest, a strange sound began to fill the air—a buzzing sound that was getting closer and closer. When Eli, Cami, and Ely went outside to see what it was, they were absolutely shocked by what they found. There, in all its glory, was the Easter Bunny and its assistant, Shakira, hovering above them with a giant basket of eggs!

The Easter Bunny had come to the Cabinn with a very special mission—one that only Eli, Cami and Ely could fulfill. They were entrusted with delivering the eggs to the inhabitants of the Cabinn. With some help from Shakira, the trio managed to make their way to every floor of the Cabinn, handing out eggs and bringing smiles to each and every face.

By the end of the day, Eli, Cami, and Ely were exhausted but ecstatic to have been part of such a wonderful Easter mission. They also got to keep a basket of eggs for themselves as a reward for their hard work – just in time for Easter!
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