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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Henry Ford



Bob, Frank, Gina and Selena worked for the company Oatly. They all loved their job, but felt like something was missing. One day, they got an invite to a special Easter party hosted by none other than the Easter Bunny himself, Henry Ford.

When they arrived, they were underwhelmed by the decor. All they could see were eggs. Everywhere. On the tables, in the corners and even atop the Easter Bunny himself.

Henry Ford was very pleased to have them there - he had come up with a special Easter game. He wanted everyone to break the eggs and find what was inside. Bob and Frank got mugs saying "Happy Easter", Gina found a bunny shaped cake pan, and Selena found a bag of Easter grass.

The four of them were so surprised and excited that they had a great time at the Easter party. Plus, they got to go home with a few interesting items, even if it wasn't exactly what they had expected.
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