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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Jason Momoa



Svenn from Volvo had been up late one night working diligently away on a new project, when suddenly his door burst open, revealing a familiar face. It was the Easter Bunny, hopping about with a look of anticipation as he peered around for something.

Svenn was befuddled, not sure why the Easter Bunny had come all the way to Sweden, so he asked what was the fuss about. To his surprise, a surprise guest suddenly flew in the window, none other than Jason Momoa.

Jason Momoa introduced himself, claiming to be the Easter Bunny's magical friend. Together, they were on the search for something that had been lost during the Easter Bunny's last delivery. As it turns out, they were looking for a special egg that only Lena and Rene from Volvo had.

Lena and Rene were both workaholics, and as a result, had missed the egg until it was gone. Realizing their mistake, they gave the egg back to the Easter Bunny, who thanked them for their honesty. Jason Momoa granted them one wish for bringing the egg back in time! They wished for more free time, so that they could more fully enjoy the coming Easter celebrations, and their wish was granted.

The Easter Bunny and Jason Momoa waved goodbye and flew away into the night, thanking Lena and Rene one last time. Through their kindness, they had made the Easter holiday even brighter!

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