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The easter story of when the easter bunny and




Ib Grønbjerg was excited to celebrate his first Easter at DM Holding APS. As he was walking to work, he heard the sound of clattering hooves coming closer and closer. Instantly, Ib knew it could only be one thing: the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny, dressed in a white suit and top hat, was riding a sleigh pulled by his trusty minion Esmeralda. They greeted Ib with a cheerful “Happy Easter!” and gave him two Easter eggs. Esmeralda followed the Easter Bunny up to the office of DM Holding APS.

Once inside, the Easter Bunny and his minion put on a special show for the office. They delighted each and every person with their bunny- & egg-themed magic tricks. Ib was especially mesmerised; he'd never seen anything like it!

After a short break, the Easter Bunny and Esmeralda said their goodbyes and moved on to the next office. Ib had had a fantastic Easter and promised himself he'd look forward to the next one with even more enthusiasm.
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