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The easter story of when the easter bunny and



SecPro Sikring A/S

Mathilde, Maria and Bo from SecPro Sikring A/S were taking a stroll through the spring countryside, when all of a sudden a huge Easter bunny jumped out from behind a nearby bush. With a kind twinkle in his eye, he said "Greetings, my name is Påskeharen and I am the mother of the Easter Bunny".

Mathilde, Maria and Bo were a bit enamored by the idea of meeting the Easter bunny's mother, and they quickly followed her through the forest. After a while they emerged at an old, long-forgotten cottage - and there he was, the Easter bunny himself! He was hopping around in his Easter finest and had a basket filled with chocolate goodies in one hand.

The Easter bunny and his mother welcomed Mathilde, Maria and Bo to their cottage and they all had a wonderful Easter celebration. They sat around, talked and sang, while feasting on the delicious treats that Påskeharen had prepared.

When it was time to leave, the Easter Bunny gifted the three from SecPro Sikring A/S with some of his delightful chocolates for them to enjoy on the way back. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful Easter encounter!
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