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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Greta Thunberg



Frank, Mary, and Andrew all worked for the same tech company, Google. They were all about to leave for their two-week Easter holiday break when they noticed something strange. A tall, pink-and-white bunny dressed in a bow tie and carrying a basket of chocolate eggs suddenly appeared in their office.

Frank, Mary and Andrew recognized the bunny as the Easter Bunny. He explained to them that Greta Thunberg, his cousin, had sent him on an important mission. She had enlisted Frank, Mary, and Andrew to help the Easter Bunny distribute candy-filled eggs to children all around the world!

So the three of them jumped at the incredible opportunity. They packed up all the eggs and hopped onto the Easter Bunny's magical sleigh. The Easter Bunny whooshed them around the world while Frank, Mary, and Andrew delivered eggs to children, who cheered with delight.

After the mission was complete, all four of them returned to the office, completely exhausted but brimming with joy from a wonderful Easter break. Frank, Mary, and Andrew soon went back to work and the Easter Bunny hopped off into the night sky, with a wave goodbye. Happy Easter!
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