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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

A martian



Once upon an Easter, Elon, Steve, Bill, and Jeff were spending their morning in the SpaceX headquarters when they heard a loud knock at the door. When they opened the door, they were shocked to find the Easter Bunny and its friend, A Martian.

The group was confused, but the Easter Bunny had a plan. It explained that A Martian had been planning to organize the biggest Easter egg hunt the world had ever seen. But as this was a daunting task, they had come to enlist Elon, Steve, Bill, and Jeff's help.

Eager to help, the four of them did their best to assemble teams, coordinate egg hunts around the world, and gather up colored eggs. Elon particularly contributed by suggesting they create a giant space rocket made of painted eggs that would shoot off into the sky.

In no time at all, an enormous Easter egg rocket shot off and lit up the sky with its bright colors. A Martian and the Easter Bunny watched in joy as the four SpaceX people let out a giant cheer for a job well done. Even the Easter Bunny hopped away with a smile.
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