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The easter story of when the easter bunny and

Shaun White



Emilie was walking to work at the Apple offices, ready to have a productive day. But as she rounded the corner she was shocked to see a giant Easter Bunny in the midst of a heated argument with Shaun White. There was snow drifting around them and clearly strange forces at work.

Emilie quickly approached the scene, wanting to make sense of the argument. According to the bunny, Shaun had stolen her prized Easter eggs with plans of giving them away at the local Winter X Games to promote his record breaking snowboard stunts. The bunny was livid!

But Shaun was clearly undeterred, he asked Emilie to help him make amends with the bunny by using the power of Apple's marketing team. Emilie agreed and set about creating a plan for the X Games where Shaun could showcase his incredible stunts, and the Easter Bunny could give away special prizes - mini Apple iPads!

Soon the bunny and Shaun were laughing together and all was forgiven. Emilie was glad she could help settle the disagreement and she even received a special Easter gift from the bunny - the last of the precious Easter eggs. What an unexpected delight!
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