Digital Designer from Kvalifik wins prize at global competition

Senior Digital Designer Riziki earned a notable third place at the Webflow Speed Build Challenge 2023 in San Francisco.
October 5, 2023
Søren Boesen
Managing Partner

Website building turned E-sport

Is it possible to built a website in 15 minutes? And do it while thousands of people are watching from around the world? That was the challenge our senior designer Riziki Nielsen faced yesterday, when he was in the semifinal in Webflow’s annual Speed built Challenge.

Every year, Webflow orchestrates a global challenge to uncover the crème de la crème of Webflow builders—those who blend creativity, speed, and skill to craft webpages that stand out. The drill is simple yet demanding: create the best possible website in 15 minutes, following a prompt generated by Webflow's prompt generator.

Ready, set, build!

The semifinal was a nerve-wracking face-off between Riziki and Carlos Sepulveda from Colombia. It took place on stage at the annual Webflow Conference in San Francisco and was broadcasted live on Youtube.

The prompt they got was:

A mobile app UI for a movie that has a fire theme that also has a continuous scrolling interaction.

The two competitors put on their headphones and started building.

What happened on the screens looked liked a screencast on 5x speed. But it was live, and while they were building three commentators commented on every element and interaction they added to their site.

Hands off the keyboard

When the large countdown showed 00:00 it was hands off the keyboard and time for the two to demonstrate their build. Unfortunately Riziki ran out of time to change the z-index, meaning that some elements on his site was not visible for the judges. Carlos emerged victorious in this round against Riziki and also went on as the overall winner of the challenge.

Though Riziki didn’t clinch the top spot, his digital artistry left an impression on the judges, outscoring the other semifinalist and securing a third place in the competition. Riziki's achievement not only makes us at Kvalifik immensely proud, it also shows how powerful Webflow is and what can be achieved in a short amount of time.

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