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A cucumber

's Christmas party

Once upon a Christmas, there was a cucumber named Cucu. Cucu was a very special cucumber, for he had a dream of becoming a chef.

Every day, Cucu would watch the cooking shows on TV, dreaming of one day becoming a great chef like Gordon Ramsey.

One night, Cucu had a dream. In his dream, he was in a kitchen with Gordon Ramsey. Gordon Ramsey was teaching him how to make the perfect dish.

When Cucu woke up, he was determined to make his dream come true. He decided to go to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant and ask for a job.

When Cucu arrived at the restaurant, Gordon Ramsey was surprised to see a cucumber asking for a job. But, he was so impressed with Cucu's determination that he decided to give him a chance.

So, Cucu became Gordon Ramsey's apprentice. He worked hard and learned all the tricks of the trade.

On Christmas Day, Gordon Ramsey was so impressed with Cucu's hard work that he decided to make him the head chef of the restaurant.

Cucu was overjoyed. He had achieved his dream of becoming a
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