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A time traveller ending up in prehistoric earth on Christmas day

's Christmas party

'Twas Christmas Day and all through the land
A time traveller had a plan to explore
He set his controls for a distant time
And soon he was off to explore more

He travelled through time and space with ease
Until he found himself in a prehistoric land
He looked around and saw Wall-E
Who was looking for a helping hand

Wall-E was a robot from the future
He had been sent to clean up the mess
But he was stuck in the past
And he needed someone to help him progress

The time traveller was happy to help
He showed Wall-E how to use the time machine
And soon they were off to the future
Where they could enjoy a Christmas scene

They arrived in the future on Christmas Day
And they were filled with joy and glee
They celebrated with friends and family
And they thanked the time traveller for setting them free
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