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A guy named Riziki

Showed up at

Penguin visiting his giraffe friend on the moon

's Christmas party

Once upon a yuletide night,
A Penguin did take flight
To visit his giraffe friend on the moon,
To share in the holiday's delight.

The stars twinkled in the sky,
The moon shone bright and clear,
The Penguin flew with joy and glee,
To his friend he was so near.

But when he arrived,
He found a surprise,
For there was a guy named Riziki,
Who had come to join the skies.

Riziki was a jolly fellow,
With a heart of gold and a smile so bright,
He had come to join the festivities,
On this most magical night.

The Penguin and the Giraffe,
Were so happy to have a guest,
They shared stories and laughter,
And made merry with the best.

The night was filled with joy,
And the stars shone ever so bright,
The Penguin and the Giraffe,
Had a Christmas that was out of sight.
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