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The cow and the frog

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Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a cow and a frog. The cow was a gentle creature, content to graze in the meadows and sleep in the sun. The frog, however, was a mischievous one, always looking for a way to cause trouble.

One day, the frog decided to play a trick on the cow. He hopped up to the cow and said, "I have a challenge for you, cow. If you can jump over the moon, I will give you a gift." The cow, being a trusting creature, agreed to the challenge.

The frog then called upon his friend, DJ Alligator, to help him with his plan. DJ Alligator agreed, and the two of them set up a large trampoline in the meadow. The cow, not knowing any better, jumped onto the trampoline and began to bounce.

The frog and DJ Alligator laughed as the cow bounced higher and higher, until finally, she jumped over the moon! The frog and DJ Alligator were amazed, and the frog kept his promise and gave the cow a gift.

The cow was so happy with her gift that she decided to share it with the frog.

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