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a cute bunny

's Christmas party

Once upon a Christmas Eve, a cute little bunny was hopping through the snow. He was looking for a place to stay warm and cozy. Suddenly, he heard a voice calling out to him. It was a Doctor, who had been out in the cold for hours.

The Doctor had been searching for a lost child, and was now exhausted and freezing. The bunny, feeling sorry for the Doctor, invited him to his home.

The Doctor was so grateful, and followed the bunny to his burrow. Inside, the bunny had made a warm and cozy nest of hay and blankets. The Doctor was so relieved to be out of the cold, and thanked the bunny for his kindness.

The Doctor stayed with the bunny for the rest of the night, and they shared stories and laughed until the sun rose. As the Doctor left, he thanked the bunny again and gave him a special gift.

The bunny was so happy, and thanked the Doctor for his kindness. From that day on, the bunny always remembered the Doctor's kindness and generosity.

Merry Christmas!
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