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Tom Cruise

Showed up at

A frog who loves croissants

's Christmas party

Once upon a Christmas day,
Tom Cruise was out to play.
He stumbled upon a frog,
Who loved croissants like a dog.

"What a strange thing to adore,"
Tom said, "I've never seen this before!"
The frog said, "It's true, I'm a fan,
I love croissants, as much as I can!"

Tom thought it was quite a sight,
A frog who loved croissants so bright.
He said, "Let's go find some to eat,
I'm sure we'll find a treat!"

So off they went, Tom and the frog,
To find some croissants in the fog.
They searched high and low,
Until they found a bakery show.

The frog hopped in with glee,
And Tom followed eagerly.
They found croissants of all shapes and sizes,
And the frog was in for a surprise.

The frog ate croissants with delight,
And Tom watched with great delight.
The frog said, "Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!"
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