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A fish who befriended a zebra.ØÆÅ=&!&#øåæ

's Christmas party

Once upon a Christmas, in a small pond near a farm, lived a fish who had befriended a zebra. The zebra had escaped from the farmer's stable and found its way to the pond. The fish was the only one who welcomed the zebra, and the two became fast friends.

The farmer was furious when he discovered the zebra had escaped, and he searched the area for days. But the zebra was clever and managed to stay hidden.

One night, the farmer was walking near the pond when he heard a strange noise. He looked around and saw the fish and the zebra playing together. The farmer was amazed and couldn't believe his eyes. He had never seen such a friendship before.

The farmer was so moved by the friendship between the fish and the zebra that he decided to let the zebra stay in the pond. From that day on, the fish and the zebra were inseparable.

Every Christmas, the farmer would come to the pond to watch the fish and the zebra playing together. He was always reminded of the power of friendship and the joy of the holiday season.
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