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The pope

Showed up at

A banana and a water bottle

's Christmas party

Once upon a Christmas day,
A banana and a water bottle,
Were walking down the street,
In search of something sweet.

They stumbled upon the Pope,
Who was dressed in his robe,
He said, "Come join me for tea,
And I'll give you a key."

The key was made of gold,
And it was very old,
The banana and the bottle,
Were both quite startled.

The Pope said, "This key will open a door,
To a place you've never seen before,
It's a place of joy and peace,
Where you can find a sweet release."

The banana and the bottle,
Were both filled with glee,
They thanked the Pope for his kindness,
And ran off to see.

They opened the door,
And were filled with awe,
For inside was a Christmas feast,
Filled with treats galore.

The banana and the bottle,
Were filled with delight,
And they thanked the Pope,
For his Christmas night.
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