Webflow Speed Build Semifinalist from Kvalifik

Last year Riziki Nielsen was among the top 16 fastest in the world to make a prompt into a creative Webflow landing page. This year he is among the top 4 as he enters the semifinal in San Francisco on October 5th at the Webflow Conf 2023.
August 18, 2023
Rebecca Busk
Commercial Director & Partner

What is Webflow Speed Build Challenge

Each year Webflow is hosting a worldwide challenge to find the most creative, fastest and most talented Webflow-builder in the world. To apply one must record and build a page in Webflow from the Webflow prompt generator in under 10 minutes. Watch Riziki's application here. The judges selected their top 2 in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region to compete for the last spot in the semifinal.

The Regional Round

On July 26th 2023, the 2023 Webflow Speed Build Challenge - EMEA Regional took place to determine who would secure the last spot in the semifinal. Each qualifier was given a prompt and a total of 20 minutes to generate an idea and build a page in Webflow. You can watch the replay here. After the 20 minutes it was a tie-break. The judges gave the two qualifiers five extra minutes to generate a new interaction to the page. After 25 minutes of hard work, Senior Digital Designer Riziki Nielsen secured his spot in the semifinal.

Semifinal and Final

On October 5th 2023, Riziki and the 3 other semifinalist will compete in San Francisco at the Webflow Conf 2023. If you are at the conference you can watch the semifinal and final in-person, otherwise you will be able to stream it on Youtube. The prizes are great and all qualifiers will receive a high-five from Webflow CEO Vlad.

We are excited to cheer on our talented designer Riziki and hope the rest of Denmark will cheer on him too.

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